Tuesday, 31 October 2017

We have witnessed a huge change in cellular networks over the passage of time. There used to be an era when people had to wait for hours for performing very light tasks like downloading music or pictures. Then 3G hit the market of cell phone and we felt that this is the beginning of future. Now we have 4G that can download a movie within a few minutes.

Now what is it the maximum speed that we can get?

Of course the answer is, No. A new technology of 5th generation network is ready to hit the market which will have 10 to 20 times more speed than our existing 4G networks. 

Let us discuss 5G in brief.

What is 5G?

What is 5G
Picture courtesy of  Samsung Newsroom
5G technology is a lot different from the existing cellular networks in many ways.

Most of the wireless networks uses frequencies which are under 6 GHz. So the question here is that what is  so different with 5G? 

Well the most appropriate answer to this question is its frequency. Unlike other wireless technology that exist today, 5G will  use very specific frequency which will be beyong 30 GHz. 

There are both positives as well as negative aspects of using such a high frequency.

At first let us talk about the positives points. 

➥ High frequency range means more band width for every one.

➥ This will enable signal to focus  more on high traffic zone.

➥ High frequency waves or mm waves will make the network more faster.

Negative aspects of using high frequency waves. 

➥ The biggest obstacle in front of high frequency waves or mm waves is physical barriers. Actually higher is the frequency, greater is the signal loss when crossing different physical barriers like trees, walls, etc.

So there is a great risk of losing signal in crowded areas having lot of buildings.   

Scientists are still working on these bugs and hopefully we will witness 5G technology very soon.

Technology behind 5G network

Currently there are five different technology emerging as the foundation of 5G.

➥ Millimeter waves.

➥ Small cells.

➥ Massive MIMO.

➥ Beam forming.

➥ Full Duplex.

1. Millimeter waves.

We have already discussed that 5G uses very high frequency waves which means the wavelength will be very shorter (up to several millimeters).

On one side, this will trigger the speed of internet very swiftly but on the other side it will face huge signal loss.

To overcome this problem, there is another technology in the form of small cells.

2. Small cells.

Millimeter waves face great problem which passing through obstacles (trees, buildings). To overcome this problem, we will be using small cells which is a kind of very base stations which can be placed anywhere easily (even on roof tops).

So this will amplify the signal at every single step and thus it will prevent the loss of signal.  

3. Massive MIMO

MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output.

Existing base stations have around dozens of ports to handle cellular traffic. But Massive MIMO base station will support about hundreds of ports. This will directly increase the capacity of 5G network.

4. Beamforming

Beamforming is like traffic monitoring system for cellular networks. It will allow base stations to send focused signal to users instead of broadcasting it in every direction. 

5. Full Duplex.

Today’s base stations can manage only one task at a time. They can either transmit or receive. With the help of Full Duplex technology, researchers have succeeded in preventing base station from acting like a one way traffic system.

This technology is actually based on the principle of reciprocity.   

There are some of the technology around which our 5G system is currently revolving around. There are lot of thing that are yet to be done.

Researchers are working with great enthusiasm for 5G and if everything goes fine, we will be able to feel the heat of 5G till 2019.   

Picture courtesy of  Clker

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

virtual credit visa card

Got tired of searching for methods to generate virtual credit card?

If your answer is yes then just sit back and relax. I am here with latest working method to generate virtual credit card. A good thing about this method is that you can believe on it as it is personally tested by me.

I must tell you that I bought my domain for this blog from that virtual credit card only that I created using the method about which I am going to discuss with you. 

Advantages of having a virtual card

All of us are aware about the problem that we face in getting a real credit card from bank. This problem becomes crucial specially when you are a student or you don’t have a considerable income source.

In contradiction to that, most of the deals on the internet twinkles with attractive credit card offers.

For example, godaddy recently announced an offer that if you purchase a domain on its website from credit card, you will have to pay Rs.99 only for one year.

It should be noted that normally it costs around Rs.600 if you purchase the same domain without a credit card.

So you can clearly see the difference in amount and the offers you avail if you checkout using credit card.

One more important point that can be raised in favoure of virtual card is that you are always safe while and after making transactions.

In using real cards for transaction, there is a risk that if something goes wrong, the whole amount of your bank account gets in risk zone.

On the other hand, if you use virtual card, you don’t need to worry about these things. Even if something goes wrong, our bank balance will be at a safe side as your virtual card isn’t connected to your bank account.

How to create a virtual credit card?

There isn’t any rocket science involved in creating a virtual credit card. All you need to do is to perform the following steps:-

➥ Go to play store and search for pocket wallet.
virtual credit card

➥ Install the Pockets app by ICIC Bank and signup for an account. All you need is a mobile number for this process.

➥ After setting up the account and reopen the app and enter the m-pin to login.( The 4 digit pin that you created in the signup process. )

➥ On the home screen you will find  a sixteen digit number which is your virtual credit card number.

➥ Under payments section tap on card and click on copy card details.

➥ After doing this, CVV number and expiry date of your card will appear on the notification screen. Note it some where for making transaction at a later period of time.

That is all you have to do. Your virtual credit card is ready to use. You can always load money into your virtual card by your bank cards.

Enjoy your new virtual credit card.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

e- SIM Cards Beginning of futuristic technology

Technology is something which has witnessed most dynamic transformations. Earlier people used to perform most of their work manually which was very much annoying and time taking. Then the era of computers arrived.

But the story didn’t end here. We witnessed the shrinking in size of computers with gradual increase in their performance. Big machines what we used to called computers got simplified into PCs and further we witnessed the inculcation of laptops and in the present era we keep our computers in our pocket- Of course! I am talking about smart phones.

The train of the technology never stopped and is not going to stop ever. 

If we talk about the transformations of SIM cards, that is also quite interesting. Earlier it used to come in standard size. Then some popular smart phones changed their slot size to micro and further to nano.

Now most of the phones use either micro or nano SIM cards. A very question that often peeps in mind is, “Is it possible that someday we will be using our phones without any SIM Card?

To answer this question, let us first try to understand that what a sim card is?       

What is a SIM card?

Picture courtesy of downloadsource.fe
SIM stands for subscriber identification module. Being more practical, have to ever thought that what is inside a SIM card that it makes us to establish connection between us and our service provider?

Basically, we can say that a SIM card is a kind if chip which contains some information which is needed to connect to the server of your network provider.

So again the questions arises that if it is just a chip that contains some information then why can't we replace it with some thing more general like a cloud storage or an inbuilt platform in our mobile slot. 

 Concept of e- SIM Cards.

Let us understand it with an example. 

Earlier we used to burn information inside DVDs. For example if we wanted to watch a movie, we used to take the DVD of that movie and for another movie we just used to replace the DVD with another.

Then the era of pen drives came where we can rewrite the information after erasing the previous one. Now we watch a movie and then we delete the previous one with a new movie on the same piece of pen drive.

The core concept is, "Can't it be used in case of SIM cards?" Because it is also a  kind of storage. Can we generate a general platform inside a phone where information of a SIM card can be written and changed over time if we want to switch our network. Imagine the ease that you will feel if you get rid of carrying n number of SIM cards in your pocket. Not only this, there would't be any fear of losing them as they would be present inside the phone automatically.     

Here arises the concept of e-SIM cards or embedded SIM cards.

⧭ Is e- SIM Card a theoretical concept?

Well the answer is certainly No. This isn't theoretical from any perspective. In fact some of the companies like Apple and Samsung have used e- SIM Cards in some of their products. 
Samsung Gear S3

Apple has used e- SIM cards in its series three version. Not only this, some of the models of i-pad too uses e-SIM card.

In fact Samsung Gear S3 also uses e-SIM cards. 

From the above examples, it is quite clear that this technology is being used these days and they will surely hit the market of smart phones very soon. When it will happen, we will all witness the new era of smart phones and technology.

So are you guys excited about e- SIM Cards?
Please comment down your thoughts about this new trend which is ready to hit the market of smart phones.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Image courtesy of geralt
Do you use WhatsApp? Well you don’t need to answer this question because surely you do. I know how it feels to hear tuning notifications from your loved once.

What will you do if I tell you that the platform that you use to get in touch with your loved ones has huge potential to make money for you.

Don’t get shocked. I am talking truth. There are many people who are making around Rs.6,000 per day using WhatsApp. So if you want to know about how to make this happen then please lend me your attention for a few minutes and read the whole article.

There are a number of website available on the internet which claim to provide their readers genuine and working methods. It is another thing that most of them are misleading and they only sell fake dreams that can never be casted on the frame of reality.  

⧭ By sharing different media on whatsapp.

What we generally do if we like any picture, image or any media on Internet? The answer is, we share…

Yes, that is what we do. But have we ever thought that you can even earn money by sharing anything on the Internet. Yes, don’t get shocked. This is true. You can earn a lot by sharing different media on internet.

Let me explain this with the help of an example.

Suppose you are reading an article on my blog,Latest methods of making money online without a blog or YouTube(October 2017) and you want to share this with your friends.
Now what you generally do is that you just copy the link address and share it anywhere (for example say WhatsApp). Unfortunately you don’t get any benefit by this sharing. But there is a method using which you can earn money by just sharing the contents of Internet.

All you need to do is that you have to follow a few steps and you will start making money by WhatsApp…

➥ Go to this link and signup for an account.

Activate your account by clicking on the link that you receive via your email. All done; you are ready to make money.

Now go to shorte.st and paste the link of the media (or anything on the internet whose URL you want to share) as shown in the figure and click on shorten.


Copy the new URL that appears on the screen and send that link to your friends and groups.

That is all you have to do. Always remember that if more people are going to click your URL, means you are going to earn more. So always try to send those links in big WhatsApp groups.

HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM WHATSAPP- STEP BY STEP GUIDE (LATEST WORKING METHODS)If you aren’t connected to big WhatsApp groups, just go to play store and download WhatsApp group app and install it. You can join big groups from there. 

NOTE: Once you eran $5, you can withdraw it using your PayPal account. 

⧭ By writing WhatsApp status

You can try this method if you have got some writing skills. There are a lot of people who are making more than Rs.2000 a day just by writing status. I have seen some people earning Rs.6000 a day just by writing WhatsApp status.

So are you ready to do this? If you are wondering that how to do this then just follow the following steps:-

➥ Go to whatsstatus.com and sign up for your account.

➥ Once done, click on Add Status and select the category of your content.

➥ Then just write your status and submit it. Remember that you will have to submit only two status for the first time for review. But once your account gets approved, you are post as many status as you can and earn money.

➥ Always remember that the older your account gets, more you will be paid for your status.

➥ You will have to post at least 100 status per month so that you receive your money on monthly basis without any obstacle.

NOTE: You can get payment directly into your bank account on a monthly basis.

Still left with any confusion?
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Can I really track my cell phone?

GPS trackingA common question that most of the people ask is that can they really track their phone. Before answering this question, I would like to mention that only your ISP is authorized to track your location with law enforcement agencies in some special cases like casing for any criminals or something like that.

Well, coming back to the question, my answer is- It depends upon a lot of thing. You can’t just simply hack into others network and track him down unless you aren’t the oracle of technology.

Even if you can, I must remind you that it is completely illegal. 

Now what will happen if you lose your smart phone? Are you simply going to curse your bad lock?

I think I have come with a better alternative.

Here are some of the working ways using which you can track your cell phone. Not only this you can remotely erase the data and lock your phone (if need).

Always mind that this article is only for  educational purposes.

So let's get started......

⧭Using Android Device Manager

Please not that this method will only work if the GPS of your phone is on. Using this method, you can not only track your cell phone’s location but also you can remotely lock your phone and erase all data on it.

This task is performed with the help of google services.

All you need to do is to perform the following steps:-

➥Go to google.com and login to your account using google credentials.

➥After that on the right hand side, you will see your account profile picture. Just click on that and go to My Account.

➥Scroll down and under Find your phone, click on GET STARTED.

➥Select the phone from the list whose location you want to track and proceed. There you will have to enter your password again.

➥Go will be redirected to the page of android device manager were you can simply track your phone, lock and erase all data (Please see the picture below).
track your cell phone

 (Please note that this method will only work if your lost phone is logged in with your google account.)

⧭Using Tasker.

Using this method, can track your mobile location just by giving a missed call. Yes! that is true. All you need to do is, just give a missed call to the phone that you have lost and in return it will send you an sms using which you can track your mobile phone.

(NOTE: Please keep it in mind that this process will only work if  your lost phone has Tasker installed on in.)

Following are the things that you have to do to make your mobile phone safe so that just in case when you lose your mobile phone, you will be able to track it.

Things to do for safety:-

➥Go to Google Play Store and install Tasker.


➥Now open the app and tap on plus symbol and then tap on State.

➥Now go phone option and tap on missed call.

➥Tap on search icon and select any of your family contacts (with which you can give a missed call to the phone if it gets lost.)

➥After that come back and tap on new task and name it anything like GPS tracking.

➥Tap on tick mark. Again tap on plus icon and chose phone option.

➥Tap on send sms and enter the same mobile number of your family.

➥Under message section, type "%LOCN" (without inverted ).


➥Comeback to the main screen of the app and then hold its icon for a few seconds. That's all! Your tasker will get activated and your phone is ready for being tracked.

Things to do if you lost that mobile phone:-

➥Just go to the cell phone whose number you registered with the takser and give a missed call to the lost phone. You will shortly receive an sms with an IP address.

➥Now go to IP tracker and paste the copied IP address that you received through the sms. All done! You will get the detailed address for that phone on your screen where that phone is currently located.

Still left with any confusion?
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Picture courtesy of geralt
Everyone wants to make money with as less effort as possible. Up to some extent, Internet has really paved the way for earning money with little or no effort.
Lot of people are googling about how to make money online but most of the time their search end up with huge disappointment. A lot of misleading sources are present on internet which will only waste your precious and valuable time.

Are you also looking for making money online?

Well if your answer is yes then certainly you have come to the right place. After reading this article, you will definitely get some real working ideas and methods of making money online.

Lot of people are making money by writing blogs, making YouTube channels and so on. These are some of the conventional ways of earning money on internet.

Don’t worry. I am not going to tell you to write a blog or do something like that to make money. Certainly you would be expecting something much easier.

So I with latest easy but working ways of making money online and earning huge profit.

⧭Google User Experience Research program

On my list, I have indexed Google User Experience Researchprogram. It is a platform offered by google where you can give reviews to google products. All you have to do is give your opinion on the various google products (survey). In return you can earn up to 75$ per survey. Some survey can take up to an hour time. But don’t worry, you will be paid accordingly.

Longer the survey is, more will you earn. One thing to notice here is that you will have to perform a free survey after the first time you sign up. After that you will start receiving regular notifications about new surveys and you will start earning money by doing those surveys.

(NOTE: You will receive payments in the form of gift cards.)

So are you ready to take off the flight of this opportunity. All you need to do is just go to this link and signup for the account using your google credentials. You will be asked various questions regarding the product and services of google that you use.

Just fill the form and signup for the account. After that you can start your earning by performing those surveys.

⧭Writing on online platforms

If you have got some skills in writing then it is a good option for you to go for content writing.

There are a lot of online portals that pay for your words. However, most of them are frauds. Once you submit your content, they will start ignoring you and most of the times they refuse to pay.

Don’t worry? I am not going to let this happen with you. I have come up with a site that is really genuine and it will pay you once your work is done. I have personally tested this website and trust me if you have some real command on your words, you can earn a lot form here.

The best thing is that this website (contentmart.com) offers various word limits and pays accordingly. So you just select you comfortable zone and start making money.

➥All you need to do is go to contentmart.com and signup for the account as a writer.

Make money online by content writing

➥After filling all details, you will have to give a small test to prove your skills. (Don’t worry, those tests are easy ones.)

➥Once everything is done, you can start placing bids on different assignments and start making money. One more positive aspect about this platform is that it pays approximately Rs.0.4 per word which is a good rate indeed. You can easily earn up to Rs.1000 per day or even more.

You can also consider working on upwork.com 

So what are you waiting for? Go and start making money.

⧭Click Bank.

It is an online portal where you can promote different product and earn huge revenue. It is a type of affiliate marketing where you have to advertise different products. You can simply do this by promoting different product links through any online portal, say it to be Facebook, twitter or any other platform where you can share a referral URL.

➥All you need to do is go to clickbank.com and signup for an account.
After that go to market place and click on the category whose product you want to promote.

Make money through Click Bank

➥Now click on the promote option of any product which you want to promote.

➥After that enter any account nick name and leave Tracking ID blank.
After that just click on create. After that you will get a URL which you have to copy and paste it to somewhere (say notepad).

➥Go to bit.do and under ‘link to shorten’ column, paste the link that you copied previously.

➥Click on shorten. After that you will receive short URL which you have to share everywhere.

(Note: Only share the new shortened URL because if you share the original one, it will get blocked.)

Always remember one thing for affiliate marketing. More sharing means more income.

So these were some of the popular methods of making money online that are really working and they are personally tested by me.

Still left with any confusion?
Fell free to comment below. 

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