Got tired of searching for methods to generate virtual credit card?
If your answer is yes then just sit back and relax. I am here with latest working method to generate virtual credit card. A good thing about this method is that you can believe on it as it is personally tested by me.

I must tell you that I bought my domain for this blog from that virtual credit card only that I created using the method about which I am going to discuss with you. 
Advantages of having a virtual cardAll of us are aware about the problem that we face in getting a real credit card from bank. This problem becomes crucial specially when you are a student or you don’t have a considerable income source.
In contradiction to that, most of the deals on the internet twinkles with attractive credit card offers.
For example, godaddy recently announced an offer that if you purchase a domain on its website from credit card, you will have to pay Rs.99 only for one year.
It should be noted that normally it costs around Rs.…


Technology is something which has witnessed most dynamic transformations. Earlier people used to perform most of their work manually which was very much annoying and time taking. Then the era of computers arrived.
But the story didn’t end here. We witnessed the shrinking in size of computers with gradual increase in their performance. Big machines what we used to called computers got simplified into PCs and further we witnessed the inculcation of laptops and in the present era we keep our computers in our pocket- Of course! I am talking about smart phones.
The train of the technology never stopped and is not going to stop ever. 
If we talk about the transformations of SIM cards, that is also quite interesting. Earlier it used to come in standard size. Then some popular smart phones changed their slot size to micro and further to nano.
Now most of the phones use either micro or nano SIM cards. A very question that often peeps in mind is, “Is it possible that someday we will be using our p…


Do you use WhatsApp? Well you don’t need to answer this question because surely you do. I know how it feels to hear tuning notifications from your loved once.
What will you do if I tell you that the platform that you use to get in touch with your loved ones has huge potential to make money for you.
Don’t get shocked. I am talking truth. There are many people who are making around Rs.6,000 per day using WhatsApp. So if you want to know about how to make this happen then please lend me your attention for a few minutes and read the whole article.

There are a number of website available on the internet which claim to provide their readers genuine and working methods. It is another thing that most of them are misleading and they only sell fake dreams that can never be casted on the frame of reality.  

⧭ By sharing different media on whatsapp.What we generally do if we like any picture, image or any media on Internet? The answer is, we share…

Yes, that is what we do. But have we ever thought th…

How to track my lost cell phone? (Latest working methods- Explained step by step for beginners)

Can I really track my cell phone?A common question that most of the people ask is that can they really track their phone. Before answering this question, I would like to mention that only your ISP is authorized to track your location with law enforcement agencies in some special cases like casing for any criminals or something like that.
Well, coming back to the question, my answer is- It depends upon a lot of thing. You can’t just simply hack into others network and track him down unless you aren’t the oracle of technology.
Even if you can, I must remind you that it is completely illegal. 
Now what will happen if you lose your smart phone? Are you simply going to curse your bad lock?
I think I have come with a better alternative.
Here are some of the working ways using which you can track your cell phone. Not only this you can remotely erase the data and lock your phone (if need).
Always mind that this article is only for  educational purposes.
So let's get started......
⧭Using Android …

Latest methods of making money online without a blog or YouTube(October 2017)

Everyone wants to make money with as less effort as possible. Up to some extent, Internet has really paved the way for earning money with little or no effort. Lot of people are googling about how to make money online but most of the time their search end up with huge disappointment. A lot of misleading sources are present on internet which will only waste your precious and valuable time.
Are you also looking for making money online?
Well if your answer is yes then certainly you have come to the right place. After reading this article, you will definitely get some real working ideas and methods of making money online.
Lot of people are making money by writing blogs, making YouTube channels and so on. These are some of the conventional ways of earning money on internet.
Don’t worry. I am not going to tell you to write a blog or do something like that to make money. Certainly you would be expecting something much easier.
So I with latest easy but working ways of making money online and earni…


What to do immediately once your phone get wetUnintentionally or accidentally we drop our phone in water or it get wet due to accidental contact with water. Sometimes we intentionally bath our phone to complete friend's challenge. How ever this thing never goes that much funny as expected because the scarier part starts after that.

A number of questions start dancing in our dead,"What will happen to my phone now? Has water gone inside? Is it going to short circuit inside? Now I am going to lose my phone (maybe favorite one)?"

As the warranty of mobile phones doesn't cover water damage, things go really scarier. Now you can do only two things:       1. Pray to God for saving your phone. 2. Follow the steps mentioned bellows (the operation I did when my phone dived deep).
   Things you should do as first aid:➥Immediately take the  phone out of water water. ➥Switch off your phone as soon as you can. ➥Remove back cover and battery (if removable battery). In case of non-removabl…


Slowing down of PC with the passage of time is a common problem that is faced by most of the PC/Laptop users. After fresh windows installation, everything works like real smooth. But the problem starts when things get older. Most of the people witness the falling performance graph of their system helplessly and when things get worst, they just reinstall the windows. Have you ever shouted on your PC with frustration of hanging on important occasions? Have you ever slept on the chair waiting your task to get completed on your PC? Well if your answer is yes, then just sit back and relax. I have come up with the most fruitful ways of speeding up your PC/Laptops with very simple and easy to use tricks. The most important thing about these tricks is that they will work on most of the versions of Windows. (Even for Windows 7!). 
1. Disabling shadows and animation effects.Animation effects consumes your system resources and forced your system to behave like dull. So in order to tweak your system…