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Slowing down of PC with the passage of time is a common problem that is faced by most of the PC/Laptop users. After fresh windows installation, everything works like real smooth. But the problem starts when things get older. Most of the people witness the falling performance graph of their system helplessly and when things get worst, they just reinstall the windows.
Have you ever shouted on your PC with frustration of hanging on important occasions? Have you ever slept on the chair waiting your task to get completed on your PC?
Well if your answer is yes, then just sit back and relax. I have come up with the most fruitful ways of speeding up your PC/Laptops with very simple and easy to use tricks. The most important thing about these tricks is that they will work on most of the versions of Windows. (Even for Windows 7!). 

1. Disabling shadows and animation effects.

Animation effects consumes your system resources and forced your system to behave like dull. So in order to tweak your system performance, you should disable animations and special effects.

➥First go to your desktop and right click on This PC and then go to properties.
(A Control Panel page will appear.)

➥Click on Advanced system settings and then under Performance section click on settings.
(A pop-up window of performance options will appear.)

➥In the newly opened window click on Adjust for best performance and then click on apply.

2. Changing the power plan.

It doesn’t make any sense to use Power saver power plan. Even if you are operating your Laptop on battery, choose Balanced option.

However I would recommend you to go with High performance option.

In order to change the plan, just go to Control Panel and under Power options choose High performance option.

3. Disabling startup programs.

There are a number of such programs which automatically starts along with the starting of your system.

These programs not only increase your boot time but also works in background and keep consuming your system resources. As a result your PC starts working slowly.

➥In order to disable startup programs, press windows button and search for Task Manager.

➥In Task Manager, under startup tab, disable all startup programs (except those which are associated with your system drivers).

4. Defragment your hard disk regularly.

When you use your hard disk frequently (which is obviously used when running a Laptop of a PC.), files divided on that drive gets broken into pieces and gets scattered. This state of hard drive is called fragmentation.

Doing a system defragmentation restores your disk to original healthy condition. In order to maintain your system speed, you need to defragment your hard drives regularly (at least once in a week).

To defragment your hard disk, press windows button and search for defragment.

Among the results that appear, go for Defragment and Optimize drives.
Now select all drives and click on Optimize all.

This process can take some time, depending on the rate of fragmentation of your hard drives. So perform this action when you are not in any hurry of shutting down the system.)

5. By uninstalling unessential programs.

It is always a good idea to uninstall programs that you don’t need very frequently as installed program not only consumed you disk space but  also sucks your system memory and other resources.

So once you feel that any program isn’t very fruitful to you, just uninstall it.

In order to do so, just go to programs and features of Control Panel and uninstall that program.

6. By removing malware installed on your system.

Many times, when you download files from internet, malware secretly gets installed your system and starts slowing down your PC.

This not only affects your system speed but also it can damage your system to such an extend from where recovery is almost impossible.

So I would strongly recommend you to install an antivirus and make regular scans. Also keep your antivirus updated so ensure maximum protection from these freaky things.

7. Registry defragmentation.

After some period of time, due to regular use of your PC the registry of your system also gets fragmented.   

In order to insure optimum performance, you need to defragment your system registry.

Windows hasn’t provided any optimum tool for this task. So you can take the help of some external software. I would recommend you to go with TuneUp Utitlties which is a product of AVG.

8. Install TuneUp Utilities.

I am using this product for more than two years and my personal experiences say that this is a one spot solution for most for the problems which is slowing down your PC.

It is a paid tool and provides trial for 15 days and after that you will have to purchase it. However it is another thing that you will easily get working serials for the product if you will do some googling on it.

However I shall not recommend you to trigger any kind of piracy as the developers who developed the product need your support.

So guys, these are some of the methods that you must try to improve your system performance and I am very much sure that you will notice considerable change in your system's performance.

Still left with any confusion?
Feel free to comment below. 


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