Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Blogging- An Introduction

In today’s world, blogging has evolved as a global platform for sharing ideas and information. Not only this, it has evolved as a live source of digital marketing i.e. earning money online.
There are a number of online portals that offer you free platform where you can start blogging.
Most popular among them is Blogger.
Before we discuss, "How to create a blog", let us understand the difference between a blog and a website.

Difference between a blog and a website

In order to understand the difference let us explore about static and dynamic pages.

Dynamic and Static pages

Dynamic web pages are those pages in which you can simply create new post without any help of a developer. Or being more technical, we can say that a dynamic page is that web page n which you can create new post without editing the source code. 
So now with this information we can define a blog as a special type of website which contains both dynamic and static pages unlike those traditional websites.


Blogger is the most popular free platform to create blogs for free. If you are crazy about your passion then here is your chance. Just start your passion and sketch your dreams on blogs so  that whole world can witness the beauty of your creation. 

Here is the complete guide to create your blog for free on blogger.

Requirements to create blog on blogger.

The only requirement to create account on blogger is that you need to have a gmail account.
Yes!!! That's true. So if you don't have a gmail account then just click here and create one.

Steps to create a blog in blogger.

Ø Go to blogger and login with the credential of your gmail account.
(A new page will open.)
Ø In the newly opened page, click on Create a Google+ profile.
(Just follow the instructions and create your profile.
Ø Then, click on continue to blogger.
Ø Click on create a blog and enter the title and address of the blog that you want to publish.

Ø Chose the templates  from the list and click on Create Blog!
(That’s all, your blog is ready to make noise on the Internet)

Creating a new post in the blog.

Once setting-up of your blog is over, just go to blogger.com and enter your gmail credential.
➤ Under posts section click on new post.
(A new page will open asking you to feed the post title and create the post)

➤ Create your post using tools provided on the page and click on publish button.

In this way you can create all your post for your blog.
If you want to create a static page of your blog (like Contact Us, About Us, etc), then just go the pages tab of your dashboard and click new page.

Once you create five to ten quality posts on blogger, submit your site map to google webmaster in order to appear in google search result and perform necessary optimizations for your blog to make it search engine friendly.

One you start receiving traffic on your blog, you can start earning money by placing ads on it. 
If you are looking for ads providing network, I would personally recomend
you to go for Google AdSense


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Great piece dear. i especially liked how you differentiated and explained the meaning of blog and a website. and also how you took your time to show the different steps needed in creating a blog....this is a helpful piece.i wish i had this dos days wen i wanted to start blogging lol

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