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What to do immediately once your phone get wet

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Unintentionally or accidentally we drop our phone in water or it get wet due to accidental contact with water. Sometimes we intentionally bath our phone to complete friend's challenge. How ever this thing never goes that much funny as expected because the scarier part starts after that.

A number of questions start dancing in our dead,"What will happen to my phone now? Has water gone inside? Is it going to short circuit inside? Now I am going to lose my phone (maybe favorite one)?"

As the warranty of mobile phones doesn't cover water damage, things go really scarier.
Now you can do only two things:      
1. Pray to God for saving your phone.
2. Follow the steps mentioned bellows (the operation I did when my phone dived deep).

   Things you should do as first aid:

        Immediately take the  phone out of water water.
        Switch off your phone as soon as you can.
        Remove back cover and battery (if removable battery). In case of non-removable battery just switch off the phone.
        Remove SIM cards and SD card.

Things to do now as operation:

       Till now first aid is done, put your phone on a towel and dry the open portion of your phone using towel or cotton paper gently.
      Put your phone in the sunlight for a while (facing back will be better).

Now the most important thing comes you have to dry it internally:

         Use a vacuum cleaner to suck water from inside. What you shouldn't do is don't use any type of heater like microwave or hair drier, especially hair drier because it will push water droplets deep inside the phone.
Picture courtesy of Lisa Norwood

           Going with one of the best way and cheaper one, seal the phone completely with some uncooked rice. Rice will work as desiccant and absorb the moisture. This process is time taking (maybe 24-48 hours). Is is better to leave it for 48 hours.
       The another best way, which I used and I would recommend is to put the phone in a packet of silica gel which works as great desiccant and absorbs moisture very well and can be use again after drying. Crystalline Silica gel (blue) turns light pink when it absorbs moisture.

Now check battery if it is well, switch your phone on. If every thing goes fine, your phone will start talking again.

Going with summary:

       What to do:

      Switch off the phone; take battery and SIM card out.
     Use cotton tissue to dry externally.
     Put in sunlight.
     Dry inside using uncooked rice or silica gel.

What not to do:

     Do not switch on.
     Do not connect to charge.
     Do not use any heater or hair drier.
     Do not forget to pray God (just kidding).

Personal recommendation: Use silica gel packet because it is more effective desiccant and you can use it again and again after drying it. 

Still left with any confusion?

Feel free to comment below.       


Vicky said...

hahah...i love the first point; pray to God to save it. Thats interesting to know. Anyways, those are great and helpful tips you have there. Thanks for identifying our problems and giving solutions to it as well. God bless you.......
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