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Can I really track my cell phone?

GPS trackingA common question that most of the people ask is that can they really track their phone. Before answering this question, I would like to mention that only your ISP is authorized to track your location with law enforcement agencies in some special cases like casing for any criminals or something like that.

Well, coming back to the question, my answer is- It depends upon a lot of thing. You can’t just simply hack into others network and track him down unless you aren’t the oracle of technology.

Even if you can, I must remind you that it is completely illegal. 

Now what will happen if you lose your smart phone? Are you simply going to curse your bad lock?

I think I have come with a better alternative.

Here are some of the working ways using which you can track your cell phone. Not only this you can remotely erase the data and lock your phone (if need).

Always mind that this article is only for  educational purposes.

So let's get started......

⧭Using Android Device Manager

Please not that this method will only work if the GPS of your phone is on. Using this method, you can not only track your cell phone’s location but also you can remotely lock your phone and erase all data on it.

This task is performed with the help of google services.

All you need to do is to perform the following steps:-

➥Go to and login to your account using google credentials.

➥After that on the right hand side, you will see your account profile picture. Just click on that and go to My Account.

➥Scroll down and under Find your phone, click on GET STARTED.

➥Select the phone from the list whose location you want to track and proceed. There you will have to enter your password again.

➥Go will be redirected to the page of android device manager were you can simply track your phone, lock and erase all data (Please see the picture below).
track your cell phone

 (Please note that this method will only work if your lost phone is logged in with your google account.)

⧭Using Tasker.

Using this method, can track your mobile location just by giving a missed call. Yes! that is true. All you need to do is, just give a missed call to the phone that you have lost and in return it will send you an sms using which you can track your mobile phone.

(NOTE: Please keep it in mind that this process will only work if  your lost phone has Tasker installed on in.)

Following are the things that you have to do to make your mobile phone safe so that just in case when you lose your mobile phone, you will be able to track it.

Things to do for safety:-

➥Go to Google Play Store and install Tasker.


➥Now open the app and tap on plus symbol and then tap on State.

➥Now go phone option and tap on missed call.

➥Tap on search icon and select any of your family contacts (with which you can give a missed call to the phone if it gets lost.)

➥After that come back and tap on new task and name it anything like GPS tracking.

➥Tap on tick mark. Again tap on plus icon and chose phone option.

➥Tap on send sms and enter the same mobile number of your family.

➥Under message section, type "%LOCN" (without inverted ).


➥Comeback to the main screen of the app and then hold its icon for a few seconds. That's all! Your tasker will get activated and your phone is ready for being tracked.

Things to do if you lost that mobile phone:-

➥Just go to the cell phone whose number you registered with the takser and give a missed call to the lost phone. You will shortly receive an sms with an IP address.

➥Now go to IP tracker and paste the copied IP address that you received through the sms. All done! You will get the detailed address for that phone on your screen where that phone is currently located.

Still left with any confusion?
Fell free to comment below. 


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