Sunday, 8 October 2017

Getting started with Instant Articles.

When it comes to making money online, most of the people start thinking about conventional source like YouTube of blog. But here we are with a very new and interesting was of making money online through Instant Articles.  
Instant Article is very easy but effective way of monitising your Facebook page and earn huge amount of money just by sitting at home. Once your application of Instant Articles is approved, you can start placing ads on your articles and start monetising your Facebook page.
If you don't know that how to apply for Instant Articles, you must read HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM FACEBOOK PAGE USING INSTANT ARTICLES.

Placing Ads on Instant Articles.

Placing ads on Instant Articles is quite easy task. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and your articles will start displaying ads.

➥ First of all login to your Facebook account and open a new tab.
➥ In the newly opened tab enter and select your app(Instant Article).
(The dashboard of your Instant Articles will appear.)
➥ Now click on Audience Network and migrate to placement option.
➥ After that click on Create Ad placement and assign a name to your placement.
(In my case, it is My ads)
➥ Then just click on Get Code under your placement and copy the HTML code that appears on the screen.

➥ Go to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools.
➥ Then go to Production Articles and click on any article in which you want to place ad.
➥ Click on edit button which is provided just adjacent to the article name.
(A pop-up window will appear with HTML codes.)
➥ Within the code just paste the code that you copied previously from the page of Audience Network.


You must paste the HTML code just after the </p> tag of the sentence where you want to place the ad.
➥ After that click on save.
➥ Finally just select the article and click on Actions followed by clicking on Publish.

So that is all you have to do and your articles will be ready to display ads and you will start earning money once your articles start receiving ads.

Still left with any confusion?
Fell free to comment below. 


Kibdo said...

Wow! This is a very good way to make more money. Thumbs up.

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