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e- SIM Cards Beginning of futuristic technology

Technology is something which has witnessed most dynamic transformations. Earlier people used to perform most of their work manually which was very much annoying and time taking. Then the era of computers arrived.

But the story didn’t end here. We witnessed the shrinking in size of computers with gradual increase in their performance. Big machines what we used to called computers got simplified into PCs and further we witnessed the inculcation of laptops and in the present era we keep our computers in our pocket- Of course! I am talking about smart phones.

The train of the technology never stopped and is not going to stop ever. 

If we talk about the transformations of SIM cards, that is also quite interesting. Earlier it used to come in standard size. Then some popular smart phones changed their slot size to micro and further to nano.

Now most of the phones use either micro or nano SIM cards. A very question that often peeps in mind is, “Is it possible that someday we will be using our phones without any SIM Card?

To answer this question, let us first try to understand that what a sim card is?       

What is a SIM card?

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SIM stands for subscriber identification module. Being more practical, have to ever thought that what is inside a SIM card that it makes us to establish connection between us and our service provider?

Basically, we can say that a SIM card is a kind if chip which contains some information which is needed to connect to the server of your network provider.

So again the questions arises that if it is just a chip that contains some information then why can't we replace it with some thing more general like a cloud storage or an inbuilt platform in our mobile slot. 

 Concept of e- SIM Cards.

Let us understand it with an example. 

Earlier we used to burn information inside DVDs. For example if we wanted to watch a movie, we used to take the DVD of that movie and for another movie we just used to replace the DVD with another.

Then the era of pen drives came where we can rewrite the information after erasing the previous one. Now we watch a movie and then we delete the previous one with a new movie on the same piece of pen drive.

The core concept is, "Can't it be used in case of SIM cards?" Because it is also a  kind of storage. Can we generate a general platform inside a phone where information of a SIM card can be written and changed over time if we want to switch our network. Imagine the ease that you will feel if you get rid of carrying n number of SIM cards in your pocket. Not only this, there would't be any fear of losing them as they would be present inside the phone automatically.     

Here arises the concept of e-SIM cards or embedded SIM cards.

⧭ Is e- SIM Card a theoretical concept?

Well the answer is certainly No. This isn't theoretical from any perspective. In fact some of the companies like Apple and Samsung have used e- SIM Cards in some of their products. 
Samsung Gear S3

Apple has used e- SIM cards in its series three version. Not only this, some of the models of i-pad too uses e-SIM card.

In fact Samsung Gear S3 also uses e-SIM cards. 

From the above examples, it is quite clear that this technology is being used these days and they will surely hit the market of smart phones very soon. When it will happen, we will all witness the new era of smart phones and technology.

So are you guys excited about e- SIM Cards?
Please comment down your thoughts about this new trend which is ready to hit the market of smart phones.


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